A Long List of Affordable Organic Food Produce

A Long List of Affordable Organic Produce

When someone wants to discover organic produce, there is a multitude of products out there to satisfy their need to eat food that is GMO free, healthier, produced to the highest ethical standards and sustainably produced to minimise the impact on the environment. If you are new to the idea of organic produce, you are very welcome to check out my recent post that goes into more detail on why more people should try where possible to buy organic produce.

Almost everything has an organic alternative. I have listed many items that are organic in this post. Please be aware I have only scratched the surface with the items I have included in this post. To find out if an item you love has an organic alternative, search ‘organic’ followed by the name of the item you are interested in on MySupermarket. To make it easier for you to navigate through this text, I have divided the items into several categories, mainly the food groups (Fruit, Veg, Protein, Dairy, Carbs, Fats, Gluten Free, Baby Food and Other).

You can see the product and its current pricing/any offers by clicking on the highlighted and underlined text. The link will take you to the MySupermarket page for that item. I have also shown prices for the least expensive option per weight I could find, to make it easier to find affordable organic choices and not get ripped off for the exact same item. People wanting to try organic on a budget or anyone who does not want to be ripped off; this should be very useful*. My friends.. Enjoy.


Fruit. Lovely fruit. You have plenty of Organic produce to choose from. Take a look at a few:

  • Organic Braeburn/Gala APPLES

~ TESCO £2 (£3.17/Kg)

  • Organic KIWI

~ MORRISONS98p (24.5p/kiwi)

  • Organic Fairtrade BANANAS

~ LIDL £1.15 (19.2p/Banana)

  • Organic BLUEBERRIES 150g

~ SAINSBURY’S £2 (£13.33/Kg)

  • Organic CUCUMBER 

~ LIDL – 99p

  • Oaklands Organic Vine TOMATOES

~ LIDL £1.69 (£3.38/Kg)

  • Organic PEPPERS 2 pack

~ TESCO £1.40 (70p/pepper)

  • Organic Juice Not from Concentrate 1L

~ SAINSBURY’S – £2.25 (22.5p/100ml) – Apple/Orange 

  • Grove Organic Fruit Co Orange Juice 1L

~ SAINSBURY’S – £2.80 (28p/100ml)


You have many options when it comes to Organic veg. A lot of the veg you love will have an Organic option, but you may need to shop around to get the best price for the same produce, like with anything:

  • Organic Cooked BEETROOT 250g

~ TESCO 89p (£3.56/Kg)

  • James White Organic Beet It BEETROOT JUICE with Passion Fruit 750ml

~ SAINSBURY’S – £2.49 (33.2p/100ml)

  • Organic Green BEANS 225g

~ TESCO£1.40 (£6.22/Kg)

  • Organic BROCCOLI

~ LIDL£1.05 (£3.50/Kg)

  • Organic CARROTS

~ ALDI/LIDL99p (£1.32/Kg)

  • Organic ONIONS

~ LIDL 63p (£1.26/Kg)

  • Deluxe Organic COCONUT OIL

~ LIDL £2.49 (83p/100ml)

  • Organic CELERY


  •  Organic CAULIFLOWER


  • Organic Grower’s Selection SPRING ONIONS

~ ASDA 90p

  • Organic Grower’s Selection LETTUCE

~ ASDA £1.30

  • Organic POTATOES

~ TESCO/ASDA£1.50 (£1/Kg)

  • Grower’s Selection COURGETTE x 3

~ ASDA 90p (30p/courgette)


I would say protein is a food category that is more simplified than the other food groups, when it comes to Organic produce. Here are some I have found for ya:

  • Merevale Medium Organic British EGGS 6 pack 

~ ALDI £1.29 (21.5p/Egg)

  • Organic Diced BEEF 

~ TESCO/ASDA – £4 (£10.00/Kg) – 400g

~ SAINSBURY’S£4.50 (£10.00/Kg) – 450g

  • Waitrose Cooks’ Ingredients Organic Fresh BEEF STOCK 500g

~ WAITROSE £2.79 (5.8p/100g)

  • Kallo Organic Very Low Salt BEEF STOCK Cubes 6 x 8g 

~SAINSBURY’S £1.20 (£2.50/100g)

  • Kallo Organic Stock Pot – BEEF 4 x 76g 

~ WAITROSE –  £1.80 (59.2p/100g)

  • Kallo Organic BEEF GRAVY Granules 35g 

~ ASDA – 98p (£2.80/100g)

  • Kallo Organic Stock Cubes – BEEF 8 x 11g 

~ SAINSBURY’S/MORRISONS –  £1.60 (£1.82/100g)

  • Sainsbury’s Organic BEEF MINCE – 500g

~ SAINSBURY’S£4.75 (£9.50/Kg) – 5% Fat

~ SAINSBURY’S £3.75 (£7.50/Kg) – 12% Fat

~ ASDA £4 (£8/Kg) – 20% Fat

  • Helen Browning’s Speedy Organic SAUSAGES 12 per pack – 200g

~ SAINSBURY’S£3.50 (£1.75/100g)

  • The Tofoo Co. Naked Organic Tofu 280g 


  • The Tofoo Co. Smoked Organic TOFU 225g

~ SAINSBURY’S £2.20 (£1.11/100g)

  • The Tofoo Co. Oriental Organic Diced TOFU 160g

SAINSBURY’S/TESCO£2.50 (£1.56/100g)


Now for Organic dairy products, there are a lot.. and when I say a lot I mean a lot.. of dairy Organic produce. Check it out (prepare to scroll):


  •  Yeo Valley Organic Semi Skimmed Fresh MILK 2L 

~ ASDA/MORRISONS£1.87 (93.5p/L)

  • Yeo Valley Organic Semi Skimmed Fresh MILK 1L

~ ASDA £1.10 (£1.10/L)

  •  Arla Organic Farm MILK Semi Skimmed 2L 

~ TESCO/ASDA£1.75 (87p/L)

  • Asda Organic Semi Skimmed MILK 4 Pints 

~ ASDA £1.50 (66p/L)


  • Tesco Organic Medium/Mature CHEDDAR 450g

~ TESCO – £3.25 (£7.22/Kg)


  • Yeo Valley Organic YOGURT 450g 

~ ASDA £1.40 (31.1p/100g) – Blueberry/Strawberry

~ TESCO/SAINSBURY’S – £1.50 (33.3p/100g) – Lemon Curd/Raspberry/Rhubarb/Banana & Custard/Mango & Vanilla/Peach Melt Limited Edition

TESCO£1.50 (33.3p/100g) – Peach & Apricot

~ WAITROSE £1.55 (34.4p/100g) – Light & Mild Natural

  • Yeo Valley Organic YOGURT (4 x 120g)

~ TESCO/SAINSBURY’S/WAITROSE – £1.85 (38.5p/100g) – Strawberry

~ TESCO/WAITROSE – £1.85 (38.5p/100g) – Tropical Treats

~ MORRISONS – £1.74 (36.2p/100g) – Fruity Favourites

  • Yeo Valley Little Yeo’s Organic YOGURT (4 x 90g)

~ ASDA/TESCO – £1.65 (45.8p/100g) Banana Custard Limited Edition

~ WAITROSE/MORRISONS – £1.50 (41.7p/100g) – Fruity Favourites

  • Yeo Valley Organic Bio Live YOGURT (4 x 120g)

~ WAITROSE/TESCO/SAINSBURY’S – £2 (41.7p/100g) – Fruity Favourites/Blueberry & Raspberry/Strawberry & Raspberry

~ TESCO – £1.85 (38.5p/100g) – Blueberry

  • Yeo Valley Yeo & Go Organic Blueberry YOGURT with GRANOLA

~ TESCO £1 (74.1p/100g)

  •  Yeo Valley Organic Natural Probiotic YOGURT 1kg 


  •  Yeo Valley Organic Natural Probiotic YOGURT 500g 

~ ASDA £1.60 (32p/100g)

  •  Yeo Valley Organic Natural Probiotic YOGURT 175g 

~ ASDA 60p (34.3p/100g)

  • Yeo Valley Organic Natural Probiotic YOGURT 150g 


  • Yeo Valley Organic Black Cherry Probiotic YOGURT 450g

~ ASDA £1.40 (33.3p/100g)

  • Yeo Valley Organic Natural Probiotic YOGURT (4 x 120g)

~ TESCO/SAINSBURY’S/WAITROSE£1.85 (38.5p/100g)

  • Yeo Valley Organic YOGURT 450g 

~ ASDA – £1.60 (35.6p/100g) – Greek Style Natural

~ ASDA – £1.40 (31.1p/100g) – Greek Style Maple Syrup/Greek Style oconut/Toffee Apple/0% Fat Honey

  • Yeo Valley Organic 0% Fat Greek Style YOGURT (4 x 120g)

~ TESCO/WAITROSE/SAINSBURY’S – £2 (41.7p/100g) – Honey


  • Yeo Valley Organic DOUBLE CREAM 227ml 

~ ASDA/TESCO/WAITROSE£1 (44.1p/100ml)

  • Yeo Valley Organic SOURED CREAM 227g 

~ASDA – 95p (41.9p/100g)

Creme Fraiche

  • Yeo Valley Organic CREME FRAICHE 200g

~ ASDA – £1 (50p/100g) – Half Fat

~ ASDA – 95p (47.5p/100g) – Fat Free

Ice cream

  • Yeo Valley Organic ICE CREAM 500ml

~ TESCO/SAINSBURY’S/WAITROSE – £4 (80p/100ml) – Vanilla/Double Chocolate/Sea Salted Caramel


We all need our carbs to keep our energy levels high throughout the day. Here are your Organic choices:

  • Organic White/Brown Bloomer BREAD

~ TESCO90p (22.5p/100g)

  • Simply Sumptuous Swiss Style MUESLI Organic

~ LIDL £1.29 (17.2p/100g)

  • Pertwood Farm Organic MUESLI with Fruit & Seeds 650g

~ SAINSBURY’S – £2.70 (41.5p/100g)

  • Biona Organic COCONUT FLOUR 500g

~ ASDA £3.98 (79.6p/100g)

  •  Doves Farm Organic PASTA FLOUR 1Kg

~ SAINSBURY’S£2 (20p/100g)

  • Organic SPAGHETTI 500g


~ TESCO/SAINSBURY’S£1 (20p/100g) – Wholewheat version

  • Organic Wholewheat FUSILLI 500g

~ TESCO/SAINSBURY’S – £1 (20p/100g)

  • Organic PENNE PASTA 500g

~ SAINSBURY’S – £1 (20p/100g)

  • Kallo Organic RICE CAKES Thins Belgium Milk Chocolate

~ TESCO £1.49 (£1.66/100g)


  • Yeo Valley Organic BUTTER Salted/Unsalted 250g

~ TESCO/ASDA/WAITROSE£1.70 (68p/100g)

  • Yeo Valley Organic Spreadable BUTTER 500g

~ MORRISONS£2.85 (57p/100g)

Gluten Free

Don’t think  was going to leave you out. Here’s a little section for those of you that seek Gluten Free food with the added bonus of being Organic:

  • Explore Asian Gluten Free & Organic EDAMAME SPAGHETTI 200g


  • Explore Asian Gluten Free & Organic SOYBEAN SPAGHETTI 200g 

~ ASDA/MORRISONS£3 (£1.50/100g)

  • Explore Asian Gluten Free & Organic BLACK BEAN SPAGHETTI 200g


  • Doves Farm Organic Gluten Free BROWN RICE SPAGHETTI 500g

~ SAINSBURY’S£2.10 (42p/100g) – 500g

  • Doves Farm Gluten Free Organic PENNE PASTA 500g

~ SAINSBURY’S£2.10 (42p/100g)

  • Doves Farm Organic Gluten Free CHOCOLATE STARS 375g

~ SAINSBURY’S – £2.25 (60p/100g)

  • Doves Farm Organic Gluten Free Fibre FLAKES 300g

~ ASDA£2.70 (90p/100g)

  • Doves Farm Organic Gluten Free Cereal FLAKES 375g

~ SAINSBURY’S£3 (80p/100g)

  • Nature’s Path Organic Gluten Free Mesa Sunrise CEREAL 355g

~ MORRISONS £2.71 (76.3p/100g)

  • Nature’s Path Organic MAPLE SUNRISE Gluten Free 332g

~ TESCO£2.99 (90.1p/100g)

  • Nature’s Path Gluten Free Organic WHOLE O’s 325g

~ TESCO£2.99 (92p/100g)

  • Nature’s Path Organic Gluten Free GRANOLA BARS – Dark Choc Chip Bars 5 x 35g

~ SAINSBURY’S/ASDA – £3 (£1.71/100g)

  • Amy’s Kitchen Organic Gluten Free SOUP 416g

~ WAITROSE – £2 (48.1p/100g) – Hearty Spanish Rice & Red Bean

  • Amy’s Kitchen Organic Gluten Free  SOUP 408g

~ WAITROSE –  £2 (49p/100g) – French Country Vegetable

  • Amy’s Kitchen Organic Gluten Free SOUP 400g

~ TESCO – £1.75 (43.8p/100g) – Cream of Mushroom Soup

~ MORRISONS – £1.63 (40.8p/100g)- Low Fat Lentil / Low Fat Split Pea

~ ASDA – £1.60 (40p/100g) – Low Fat Chunky Tomato / Lentil

  • Amy’s Kitchen Organic Gluten Free SOUP 397g

~ TESCO – £1.75 (44.1p/100g) – Rustic Italian Vegetable 

Baby Food

For all the health and environmentally conscious mums out there; here are lots of Organic choices for your little ones:

  • Hipp Organic Spaghetti  6mth+ 125g

~ ASDA – 70p (56p/100g) – Bolognese

  • Hipp Organic Scrummy Spaghetti 7mth+ 130g

~ ASDA – £1.35 (£1.04/100g) – Bolognese

~ SAINSBURY’S – £1.40 (£1.08/100g) – Mediterranean Vegetable

  • Hipp Organic Spaghetti 7mth+ 190g

~ ASDA/SAINSBURY’S – 85p (44.7p/100g) – Bolognese Tomatoes & Mozzarella

~ SAINSBURY’S – 85p (44.7p/100g) – Carbonara

  • Hipp Organic Spaghetti 12mth+ 230g

~ MORRISONS – £1.68 (73p/100g) – Bolognese / Tomato & Mozzarella

  • Piccolo Organic Sweet Tomato & Ricotta Spaghetti 7mths+ 130g

~ ASDA £1.45 (£1.12/100g)

  • ASDA Little Angels Organic Spaghetti Bolognese 7mth+ 130g

ASDA – 70p (53.8p/100g)

  • ASDA Little Angels Organic Spaghetti Bolognese 10mth+ 190g

~ ASDA£1.25 (65.8p/100g)

  • ASDA Little Angels Organic Spaghetti Bolognese 12mth+ 200g 

~ ASDA£1.35 (67.5p/100g)


  • Geo Organics Organic Atlantic Sea SALT 250g

~ TESCO/WAITROSE£1 (40p/100g)

  • Seeds of Change Organic White PASTA SAUCE 470g 

~ SAINSBURY’S/TESCO – £2.40 (51.1p/100g)

  • Celia Organic Gluten Free LAGER 330ml

~ WAITROSE/TESCO – £2.29 (69.4p/100ml)

So there you have it, a very long list of organic foods. If there are any organic food brands you love that I have missed out, please let me know so I can update this post. You may like to use this list as a reference point. Please share this post with people you think may find this useful. I have invested a lot of my time into this post to make it more affordable for you to opt for an organic lifestyle. Organic produce is understandably that little bit more expensive than non-organic produce. The main point I’m trying to make is that it will be a great start for you to buy organic where possible. Good luck to all of you who are starting your new journey on becoming a healthier, more conscious organic eater and supporter. Thank you for making the small changes to your world that benefit our world.

*Please note: All prices were correct at the time of writing this post (August 2017), using the MySupermarket app and website. Prices will fluctuate day to day, but their standard price will generally stay the same, aside from any offers available. During offer periods, it may be that a different supermarket will be more cost effective for a certain item. You may like to check the costs before going out to shop to make sure there are no surprises. You can use the MySupermarket app/website to do this and if needed, adjust your plans accordingly. Please bare in mind that for the majority of cases, MySupermarket prices will reflect the prices in store; however there are rare instances when MySupermarket can get it slightly wrong. You need to be careful with smaller local supermarket shops as they do not always keep in tune with the prices displayed on MySupermarket like the bigger supermarket stores do.

For some simple tips on how to save money on your grocery shopping, check out this recent post on my 5 Best Shopping Tips.

Robyn Elms

‘My aim is to help the world in any way I can. Awareness is the first step to positive change. That’s what I am trying to achieve with my blogs’ ~ Robyn Elms, I n x i t e Blogger (Insta: @robynelms, Twitter: @iamrobynelms)

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Prices correct at the time of publication.

Written by Robyn Elms

My aim is to help the world in any way I can. Awareness is the first step to positive change. That’s what I am trying to achieve with my blogs.

Stay Beautiful, Be Positive Peeps!


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